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Sierra Pro 60 Pet

This gorgeous pet friendly turf features beautiful field and lime green grass blade color tones in addition to a tan/brown thatch layer. This artificial turf is extremely durable and is equipped with a proprietary turf backing where each grass blade is triple reinforced which makes this grass incredibly resistant to pull force. The pile height is a perfect cushion for your four-legged friends! It is non-toxic, so it’s safe for animals and children. In addition to its amazing durability, 100% permeable backing and perforations provide drainage up to 920 inches per hour and 400+ gallons per minute/per square yard. Its unique design allows all fluids to easily flow through the entire product.


$ 3.29 



/ sq. ft.

Pile Height:






Turf Dimensions:

Most rolls come in 15ft widths and some come in 12ft widths. All you have to do is figure out how long of a roll you need. Multiply the the length by the roll width to find your square feet.


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