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Enviro Fill

Envirofill is a premier product in the turf infill industry, offering many advantages over products such as rubber, zeofill, and raw silica sand. Envirofill is a turf infill that is non-toxic, antimicrobial, eco-friendly, impact absorbing, and completely reusable. It is sourced from naturally occurring silica sand in the USA. Some detailed benefits of Envirofill include: Antimicrobial protection – utilizes Microban technology to prevent the growth of stain and odor causing mildew, mold, and bacteria, making it a strong choice to neutralize pet urine and sweat from athletic fields Low maintenance – as an artificial turf solution, you never need to water or trim Envirofill. It does not produce allergens and is not damaged by pet waste Clean – a completely clean and safe infill. It will not stain your clothes or damage your skin due to abrasion. It has no smell and does not produce dust, so people and pets are in no danger of inhaling toxins Eco-friendly – Envirofill is sourced from naturally occurring silica sand from the United States. Extremely durable in composition, it can be reused for future applications should the need arise Other strong points of Envirofill include its green color that allows it to provide the appearance of natural grass and elite drainage, giving it a distinct advantage over more porous types of infill. Because of these comprehensive features, Envirofill is an ideal solution for a broad range of applications such as lawns, outdoor pet areas, putting greens and tennis courts, playgrounds, and sports fields.


$ 26.00 


/ sq. ft.

Pile Height:




Turf Dimensions:

Most rolls come in 15ft widths and some come in 12ft widths. All you have to do is figure out how long of a roll you need. Multiply the the length by the roll width to find your square feet.


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