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Benefits of Turf

Turf Benefits



What are the benefits of Artificial Grass? Why choose Turf Exchange's Artificial Turf?

“How does a synthetic lawn benefit me?”  If you’re asking yourself this question, here are some points to ponder:

Having an artificial lawn can benefit you and your family in the following ways:

  • No More Ugly Yard! No More Brown Spots or Dead Spots or Seasonal Die Off

    Say goodbye to spots or areas that have died and become brown due to the sun, varmints, pet urine, broken landscaping watering.

  • State-of-the-Art Artificial Grass is BEAUTIFUL & REALISTIC. Fake grass is old news, Realistic Turf is Here to Stay

    It looks and feels like real grass. It’s not the “old astro turf” you may have grown up, We now have the MOST realistic looking grass in the market!

  • The Dog Loves It and You Will Love How EASY to Clean it is

    Its Safe for your pet, there is no mess, No “burned” areas or destroyed areas from the dog mess.

  • There is no Mud, No Weekend Maintenance

    You don’t have to water or cut the grass anymore. You don’t have to deal with broken pipes or sprinkler heads every year. Can you say Maintenance free?

  • Reduce Your Monthly Water bill immediately

    Most people are overwatering their lawn out of fear. You will realize immediate savings, often over $50-$100 per month.

  • No More Mowing, No More Landscaper Bill

    Stop cutting grass, no more need to pay a lawn maintenance person or landscaper. Realize $65-$125 Monthly or More.

  • The Peace You Get With Helping The Environmental Waste of Water

    You’ll sleep better knowing your doing your part to cut down on wasted water.

  • Eliminate Water Restriction Fines- Water is More Expensive Than Ever

    If you used too much and got fined, Artificial Turf is your answer.

  • No More Pesticides- No More Health Allergens

    Avoid negative health impacts of spraying poisons on your lawn. Oh Yeah, Save Money, Too

  • Reduce Water & Ground Pollution from Fertilizers & Pesticides

    Both of these chemicals get into our water table and pollute the environment. Fake Grass eliminates the need for these chemicals on your lawn.

  • Pay it Off In Your Property Taxes At Lower Rate Than Your Water Bills With California First Financing

    Check out this program through the state of California, learn more